Every leader has their own mountain of challenges.

Climb with us.

How you prepare, what you carry and who you trust matter.

At Altus, we have true-climb experience. We are marketers who have managed real brands from the inside out and the top down. We are business people who have done actual, fully accountable, on-the-ground business. We immerse ourselves in the nuances of your mountain and the goals of your team.

So, if you're a business leader, and growth is your challenge, we offer you an empty carabiner, the opportunity to connect with our team, and to let us guide you on your journey. To get started, reach out below, and we'd be happy to learn more about your current opportunities and challenges, to audit your path up the mountain, and bring ideas to make the summit possible.

Our Disciplines

Marketing Communications

Our Marketing Guide Services include:

  • Brand positioning and key message development
  • Marketing program development and execution
  • New product innovation and pipeline development
  • Market research planning and implementation
  • Database analysis and segmentation
  • Data analysis, category management and sales presentations


Our Tech Guide Services include:

  • Digital audit and master planning
  • Search engine marketing & search optimization
  • Systems integrations
  • New application development
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile applications
  • E-learning platforms
  • Insite Real Time

Strategic Development

Our Strategic Guide Services include:

  • New Product Innovation
  • Pipeline Development
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Licensing
  • Acquisitions